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Latest technology Solution


Leverage the power of a smartphone’s or computer’s geolocation services to offer directions and customize application behavior based on user location.

  • Geosearch

    Permit users to search within a specific area or let the application customize user experience based on user location

  • Sort by Distance

    Present your users with the most relevant information, considering metrics such as time and distance

  • Route Planner

    Permit users to find your closest retail outlet or estimated travel time to any point of interest


Take full advantage of the multimedia capabilities of modern computers and smartphones. Let users send and receive multimedia content, access the builtin cameras and retrieve data from the smartphone media library.

  • Stream

    Stream multimedia content to and from external sources, such as Instagram or Twitter

  • Builtin Camera

    Access data from the media library, or let your application use the builtin camera to take pictures, record video or scan barcodes.

  • Communication

    A picture speaks a 1000 words. Let your users communicate through multimedia content.

Push Notifications

Engage your users with push notifications. This technology permits real time interaction with your users, and can be used for instant messaging, news flash alerts, advertisement or other.

3D Imaging

Most apps feature basic animations. But by leveraging the full power of 3D engines like OpenGL ES, Apple’s Metal and SceneKit, and Android’s Cardboard VR framework, your app can show off true gaming features like interactive 3D models and stereo vision.

Online Payment

Whether you’re selling your own product, or providing a marketplace of application users to exchange goods or services, online payment is a cornerstone of your business success. Innology has extensive experience working with the top payment services providers, such as PayPal, Braintree and Stripe.

Image Processing

Innology has extensive experience in image processing, making use of tools like OpenCV for real time analysis of the camera image feed. Recognize objects within the pictures, calculate object position, and project 3D overlays or other metadata on the screen.